Potm idea? I think this is probable

I really have a feeling they gonna do super packs for potm

But like 12-0 gets u a random potm and they are auctionable

Little work for 2k

Ppl that couldn’t go 12-0 get to try players

Ppl that can make profit

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this ain’t it chief


Why not ?

I’m not saying I would prefer this over new content

But better then nothing

I think they will put the past POTM in token rewards

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Very possible also

i just don’t think its gonna happen, if it does, props to u

They should let us pick a board of 3 players, so everyone won’t have the same team. I would love a pink diamond Dantley and Larry nance.

Have they ever done that? Yeah, I don’t see this happening. They’ll just give us a new POTM set and that’s all.

Wait like a pd of any player and you can pick 3?

That requires work tho

This really doesn’t make old cards auctinable and make a pack out of it no new player models needed

Pick one out of 3

Ya that’s what I meant but for some reason I thought u meant to put a limit of three total no matter how many times u go 12-0

This most likely wont happen. There will be new potm cards and another go unlock for sure. Just stay patient

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0% chance of this. People who played hundreds of games to unlock a player would revolt if they could could buy the card for like 30k on the auction house even if it’s 4 months later…

Just like last year SuperMax. Those players never came back. If you missed out, you missed out. I think they will just release another set of players of the month with a new Opal reward for all of them. The new 2K comes out in September so technically the final reward being obtainable August 1 is not far-fetched. I might expect it to be AN UNBELIEVABLE award actually. Like literally the best card you can even imagine. I’m talking Opal McGrady, Opal Porzingis, Opal Vince, literally whatever you can think of as the best card in the game. Why? Because the game is basically over. But it keeps people interested well after they’ve stopped releasing content. This is so little work for them to do and will keep people engaged. I’m almost sure they will do this.


I would sell all my potm except Hakeem


And stay tuned

Yea theres 0 chance this happens. If u missed a POTM u missed him. They will add more POTMs. MTU is far from over. Lol they gonna milk us for everything we worth.

500 tokens.

Nice thought…if anyone has played The Show they give out the best cards in the game if you go 12-0 in three inning games with a drafted team. Too easy to go 12-0 in 2K so they would have to make it 20-0 or something.

Don’t think they will make the cards with reward art auctiobable.

Still waiting