POTM Dr. J challenge- I challenge you

This month for the acquisition of Dr. J. I challenge everyone to do a this day in history 12-0 challenge for Dr. J. This is the team I will be using i removed bonga for lonzo ball and the other bronze for kuzma. Let’s get this party started.


I would if they were all badged up already. I aint wasting mt on getting them up to scratch lol but i would run a themed team

What would be your themed team?

I have a few different themes setup lol but i would run the dream 92 dream team starting lineup. Ive always wanted to play with that

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Would be nice but I think I only got like 4 or 5 tdih cards lol. How’s you get so lucky with the ball drops?

id be down to do this but the ball drops haven’t favored me to run a lineup smh

ill do a non cheese ammy type lineup tho

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fair enough then do a themed lineup for the dr.j

Well i did get all the opals so far in game so after hours on hours of tto i had to watch ball drops 1k times.

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run fillers like i did. I use Zo cuz he’s the face of the organization and kuzma cuz thats his best friend (the sapphire one). The rule with fillers is that u cannot use diamonds or above fillers. Gives you more of a challenge. The ruby wilt is nice af tho.

Kind of hard since I’ve only pulled like 5-6 of them. Still pissed I missed Mad Max for the Sixers squad.

I need to play TTO y’all boys nice with the ball drop

Oh I actually got some of them from when they used to be in the tto boards. Im not sure if u remember when they used to have tdih packs on the board. Thats how i got jordan and wilkins.

Man I hope I run into you with my god squad.

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that would make for a sight. Imagine if you lose. But ik you way better than me.

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My friend paid me in weed and I got Hakeem for him with basically an all TDIH squad and reward rubies with hedo at point.

It matched me up against all trash squads lol.

Ruby Michael Jordan had like 20ppg, he draws so many fouls w the white Jordan shoe on him.

bruh when he drives in its like an auto dunk and with the dynamic duo kobe and him becomes a force off the bench.

Post a link to your stream when you start the challenge

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Will do. Might do it this weekend after i get my kh3 fetish out the way.

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