POTM after Dirk?

Did anyone else notice that there’s no timer for Dirk? Are we just not gonna get new POTMs?

Yeah last year they added new POTM after the initial set was done. There was no equivalent to Dr. J though, the POTM were just standalone cards. They will offer a second chance at the Dr. J collection though, likely starting with Larry Bird

Galaxy Opal Kurt Rambis


There will be someone after dirk. Idk why they took out the timer it doesn’t make sense to me

Quick question did they give a second chance at Clyde yet? If not then I think Clyde will be the 12-0 and a new card for the month and I’m calling it now Rudy Gay

PD Nash

I hope they bring back Bird, there’s a lot of us that started MT late


I just need Bird for Dr J, so hoping for him and a usable center for February’s reward.

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Bird should be the other reward next month because he was the first reward card. They went in order again in 2K19.

I only got POTM this month with Dirk and Baron. Am I gonna have a shot at Dr. J still?