Potential primetime cards today

Monta Ellis confirmed

No PG eligibility? Really? I don’t even play 22 but a 6’3” switch guard should be able to play PG in October

Diamond Monta Ellis is fun, but his secondary position is small forward?? Makes no sense.

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Am tired of these midgets as a small forward. If you dont have lebron you screwed . Make them pg/sg 2k!!!

I dont want to any of those cards:) wow they are totally awfull!!:):wink:

Ruby Landry Fields

I’m liking the smaller guards but sf is no place for a 6’3 guard.

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Diams Ellis and Iggy
Amy DMC and Butler
Rubis landry Fields
Saphir Quickley

So weird they should have just made Monta SG only or SG/PG, he never played SF in his career.

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really like those Knicks guys

finally a decent Landry Fields and a good sapphire PG for limited events

Iggy SF/PF :flushed:
Monta SG/SF , 6´3 SF :joy:

They’re doing a good job keeping the power creep at bay

Every year staff read comments like « oh april18/march19/february20 , already a DM , that’s too early , game will be dead before summer »

I like the shappire more then the other cards in the set. He got a 89 three and hotzones everywhere except for two or three spot. Heck he got more hotzones then pink diamond Vince Carter and most of the cards that are out and it a shappire card but I know what 2k trying to do by keeping the real good version of vince down the road because he really a diamond with a pink diamond covering. Cant have Vince with hotzones everywhere at this stage of the game.

Butler was very disappointing imo, he’s solid but he’s not worth 40k and imo Kawhi is way better and Fields is just as good.

Try him with gold c&s, stop&pop, corner aaand 3p shoe added if u want to use him. He is way better with those added. I hate he can’t have gold clamps tho, outclasses him at SG vs Evo Harris. His price is also effected by easy xp i think. He has a high & easy to get xp.

This is a top year shooting guard this year to start the month

And this was a top tier shooting guard last year to end the month

It’s definitely going to get worse by that time

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I see what you mean. Have not came across Vince a lot so far.
This year it feels more even out for nms with how more impactful defence is. And now you can get Harden easily or buy Pippen for 10k

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Yeah defense makes a big difference especially on next gen. Most people I play though just switch off the guy their guarding when it gets passed to. So while the gameplay isn’t bad it just gets really stale. HoF badges will probably be doubled where they were last year by Halloween

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Is today prime time packs?

What’s the release schedule usually?

Not a my team vet. Loving it though, 127k XP so hopefully get Melo.

Thanks in advance.