Potential primetime cards today

will we see more prime time cards

Maybe I’d like to see some glitch cards or flash preferably that dunking Stockton from last year haha he was my point gawd for like 3 months

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At this rate we can keep using the same thread for the next 10 primetime drops


Primetime packs say they don’t expire for 6 more days. I don’t think we see Primetime today, but who knows.

That Stockton was a GOD

ok now that it is confirmed who do you think we will get

Diamond Paul George or Iggy


if we get pg he will be a top 3 sf

primetime players are really good historical players… but not the most popular 2k wise(bosh,duncan,cp3, nash ect…
PG13 is up there as one of the most popular 2k players…

maybe Paul pierce today ?

I see what your saying

8 more minutes until we probably get a leak

no leak… i think we see hakeem or Garnett

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Cousins and Butler announced.

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AMY boogie and butler…
hopefully 2 diamonds also otw along with at least 1 PD ?

2k tweeting this out tells me something is changing, and that could be the tiers

1 ruby
2 amy
2 diamond
1 pd ?

they’ve obviously never tweeted the amy’s, so why start now yk? add that to the fact we just got our first pd in packs friday and 2k loves outdoing themselves and making money… i think we see a pd

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diamond iggy. underwhelming. hopefully we get a PD in here

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smh. would’ve been great if he could play sg.

Butler is a nice addition, Kawhi alone was not enough to keep up with hof credit card or hof grinder squads.


I am a psychic!