Potential Limited GOs Pack?

I bet there might be incoming packs including Limited Bron/MJ/Kobe, 2k could do anything to grab your money in pocket, imagine they brought GO Durant and Klay back even if their promo pack was still going on wth.

Only difference would be the code gonna be -1/23 or 81 or 236

Im thinking about it cuz Im at 1500 tokens rn and grinding for another 250. I mean if this does come true, theres no need to grind no more

What do you guys think about?

Definitely, also may drop some other all 99 cards.

New Wilt, Larry, Magic etc.


Nup. They won’t do it. They made the limiteds available to more people by making them token rewards. No chance they’re re released.


Enough content for me. I have 50+ cards locked that I haven’t even used :laughing:

I don’t think so tho. They want everyone collecting and locking the others

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Yeah i also don’t see this happening. The 3 limited cards are way too easy to get now anyway. WIth the market crash it would cost something like 800k to complete NBA Draft, Ultimate and 12 NBA '19 collections so you can get a limited MJ, Kobe, LBJ.

I’d take this bet.
What are we betting? :smiley:

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Winner doesn’t/can’t/won’t cop 2k20 :grin:

You betting that there will be or won’t be? Haha

I dont think they would do that but definately a speed boosting kp is on the cards lol

I think we won’t get another promo/theme pack, there’s nothing left to warrant a whole new set. But we could get some nice throwbacks that we’ve been missing, tomorrow. Players like GO Pippen, GO Kemp etc etc

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Tomorrow we will find out if content is done or not, if we don’t get new throwbacks and get super packs or something contents most likely officially over

It would be nice if they just unloaded a ton of locker codes like they did last summer. Tokens and expensive opals. Market is tanked. Probably won’t recover much after Duo packs gone.

“Expensive opals”.

Is that really a thing anymore? I believe only 2 or 3 GOs still go for around 100-120k. Everything else is like 30-50k. Even OP cards like Magic, MJ, Kobe, LBJ.

I don’t see new packs dropping. New cards will be dropped in the TBPO packs. 2K basically gave everyone God Squads at budget baller prices anyway.

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Trae the most expensive Opal now.

Well yeah. That’s exactly what I meant. They did the sapphire IT code last year to help ppl finish tb (?)set. And PDs like almost every day.

Idk. It was kind of refreshing last year when they did that. And with the new drop system, mixing up a board of decent cards and tokens would be nice. I get that its mid-July and we shouldn’t expect much. Just kind of hoping to remain relatively entertained w 2k. It’s the only game I own that I can pick up for 20mins at a time and enjoy. The rest of my library are couch-lockers. No good for being home with the 8 month old 7a-5p.