Potential All Star Promo predictions?

In past years 2k really drops some heat for the All Star promo including some end-game quality cards. What are we expecting this year?

I started late in 2K18 and missed it, but another Shaq mishap would be welcomed.


Last year we got the All Star MVP, Rising Stars MVP and All Star Saturday night cards.

I guess I should see who is in the Saturday contests to get a good idea at what we could get.


Diamond Muresan for all the snubs during the years?


We have gotten these since they started moment cards in 2K17. Don’t forget three point and dunk contest winners.

We usually get an All-Star promo as well.

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Last all star game they was dishing it to him like he was Chris Million in 92

Jaxon Hayes RIP

Yeah I know

Good times.


That jersey is clean

Miami flow

Nate Rob and JR Smith got more love than Harden from us

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PD Ja?

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I’m actually more juiced for that games cards

I’d like a PD JJJ, PD JA, Diamond Tyler Herro, and PD Ayton


For me its this:
Rising Star Game MVP Prediction: Luka or Trae Although Zion or Ja seem to be good picks as well or Tyler Herro imo.
My guess is one of the first 2 i named( my best guess is Luka)

3 PT Challenge: Honestly I think it’ll be Trae or Luka again potentially, would love it to be either or hield or lavine(lavine lockers in shambles)

Slam Dunk Contest: Derrick Jones JR or Aaron Gordon, I’d love Dwight to win though Pat Connaughton would be a big surprise for me though(Lavine is not entering :frowning: )

All Star Game MVP: Giannis, Luka or Lebron imo

I really feel like Bron is going to come out and try extra hard to get the W and MVP to honor Kobe.

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I guess we’ll never see a promo like this ever again



My biggest hopes are for a promo: All Star Weekend: Featuring some of the best players to be a part of All Star Weekend open packs for a chance to get these cards:

Michael Jordan PD
Stephen Curry PD
Gerald Green Diamond
Amethyst Shaq Evo to Diamond
Amethyst Joe Johnson Evo to PD
Ruby Spudd Webb Evo to Amethyst
Ruby Nate Robinson Evo to Diamond
Ruby Craig Hodges Evo To Diamond

Reward: OPAL Vince Carter

That wouldn’t be a bad promo lol

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Luka is shooting 32% from 3 he won’t even participate and even if he will he won’t stand a chance.

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remember before May there is no so-called “endgame” card existing tbh, besides GO Giannis last year

I feel like they 100% gonna drop KD in the All Star promo


I think they said hes rumoured to from what i was reading so doubt that. Also there’s not too many great players left to participate that aren’t injured . well there is but most won’t i think

really want it BEST WHITE DUDE DUNK ever

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Back then all star promos were the starting point for juiced cards. Now we’re going juiced cards way earlier.

I’m thinking a flash or prime, with a KG being the marquee card