Potential All Star game? 👀

NBA considering playing an all star game instead of the honorary selections as originally planned. Seems like a bad idea to bring some of the best players in one place, unless they are all vaccinated by then.

I just want to see a 3pt contest. The other stuff is secondary for me.


I wouldn’t complain at it happening, but it’s stupid if it does.

Fuck the all star game. Give me Zion and Ja Morant for the dunk contest and we gucci


Dunk contest with people streaming them on separate courts would still be pretty tight, 3pt contest could work too I guess.


Gimme the All Star Game please.

Remember how crazy that Diamond Bam was? :eyes:


Campus Heroes promo was best

That Bam was a Demi


that miles bridges was nice for budget players too

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Honestly every card that came out all star weekend last year was elite. Miles Bridges was a smaller Blake Griffin, Buddy Hield had a butter release, Bam was like the first range extender big plus he was athletic, Derrick Jones Jr could do a but if everything, and Kawhi was elite for the rest of the year

Edit: Forgot about CP3 and Aaron Gordon. Gordon was pretty good and CP3 had great stats, but was small.

Its happening. Not sure how to feel


I don’t feel good abt it.
Some are gonna miss it because of they got Covid or a linked with some family/friend that got it.
Some will not want to go to limit contacts.

If they did this “for the fans”, I’m not part of those fans

is there a Saturday night type thing with the dunk contest?

No they are talking abt doing dunk, 3pt and game all in one evening

PS : what’s the fan limit in Atlanta for games?

roughly 1700

There has to be some courtside, at least for that heckler there is.

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courtside karen lmao

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yessir :bangbang: need to see my mans beal as an east starter

Some games are getting cancelled due to Covid, but it’s fine to do an additional ASG without any fans just for the show…


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