Potential 2kgamer fantasy football league?

It’s already August and the nfl season is right around the corner. I completely forgot about fantasy football and I was wondering if any of you football fans out there would be interested in a fantasy league exclusively for 2kgamer members

I haven’t created a league or anything, just trying to draw interest

The nfl will probably follow the same fate as the mlb

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I would totally join but I fear there would be about a 25% participation rate which is no fun

I’d join and be active

I would definitely be interested. It would probably be better if it were a $ league to make sure guys stay active

COVID will kill the NFL and ruin fantasy leagues imo.

I’m in 100 percent.

Nfl aint finishing its season unfortunately.

Any interest in this? I know there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the season, but I think a 2KG league would be a lot of fun.

I’m definitely in. The league i usually play in is cancelled.

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Add a couple bench spots to the roster for COVID