Post your stream links here

Currently working on my first week of college courses and always enjoy watching some fellow 2KGamers streaming. Post your streams here so I can watch y’all play. Thanks m8’s


Ill post on here when imma run a few. Def gunna run some with kawhi and pascal tonight. Wanna try some isos with kawhi. And hopefully some kicks to siakam for some 3s. My heart tells me to put an open 3 point shoe on him to boost to 90. But my brain is telling me how stupid that would be lol

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Again, working on those classes. If anyone is streaming, let me know

Really just watching the market right now, I’ll play some games later. I’m not that good at MTO tho beware

no worries m8 - good looking out

looking at kawhi as well - missed one with foams for 70k - thanks servers

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ouch, I’m really just seeing if i should buy now or later

Not live at the moment but when I play friendlies I always post a stream:

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If anyone is streaming later tonight, let me know - working on classes again. Can’t remember the last time I played a MTU game lol

Anyone up on twitch or mixer?

U want one with white kobe mids anyways

bruh what

U want the kawhi with white kobes. Not the weathermans. Boost his post fade and steal. Much better option imo

oh okay gotcha, lol i talked myself out of that decision, but definitely hated missing the one with foams

i’ll stream some MTU

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sounds good - i’ll watch m8 - watched some of your stream a few weeks ago. good shit man

Kawhi literally has the best post fade in the game with those mids. And i got mj with a post fade shoe lololol

@Blakingit - thanks for the entertainment m8 - appreciate it

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That was a tough one haha, GO Wilt and crew put in that work but I really liked Ray Ray and am gonna give harden a few more tries. Gonna put him at bench 1 with hondo at the 2 for now and see how it goes but thats for tomorrow!

I hear you man, picked up Ray Ray myself - haven’t tried him yet. Excited to though lol