Post your Opal DWade's takeover here

Im looking to equip on a shoe for him… Any suggestions? He could only be able to get Slasher or Sharp takeover right?

Weatherman foams with Malone for my coach gives him Sharp takeover.


Foams and stotts sharp


Update: Foams+DAntoni Sharp.

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Foams and Nurse is also sharp

Someone have sharp with pop ? I

Foams and Kerr is also sharp.

you going for opal dwade? i can try with pop later but i think when everyone stat is close to 99 its mostly sharp, same as GO giannis last year

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Oh sorry I misread the tittle , i ve My PD with Pop with lock take .
I probably should change my coach ! :sweat_smile:

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Malone gets him sharp without shoe

Malone + foams = sharp

Since he got 98 3pts, i guess only chance he gets slasher is playing with coach who doesnt boost 3pt

I’ve gotten him slash when I had Pop as the coach without shoe.

Foams and Stotts = sharp