Post your best my team highlights here!

Every now and then my team is actually fun and you run plays and still have a close game without having double teams set all the time. AND when that happens sometimes you get some GREAT highlights. Thought we could share each others best moments of their my team season. Ill start! This video is from a while back when i was running amy bryant at the one lol. End up throwing a nutmeg pass through a guys legs. Check it out ! Post your own as well :slight_smile:

What the heck camera is that!?! Gave me a headache watching :joy:

I dont even remember. Drive ??? I dunno. For some reason i like it ??? Hahaha. It does move a lot now that im watching it and not playing

You can’t even record clips this yr, i had a ton from 2k17. They prob dont want you to record how ass this game can be sometimes

I can on xbox. I just cant share them lol

thats what i meant. i use to share clips with someone on the old site. if he had someone i wanted, hed send gameplay clips

talked to 2ksupport about that, they said its because of the copyrighted music, so they canceled the sharing

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Yah. Thats not true because when u video record it doesnt record the audio. 2k is dumb lol. But more importantly. How about that nutmeg pass? Lolol

Hard to see cuz the quality but that camera angle gives me headaches haha

takling about vids, do you have some free program where I can throw together some clips?

Is that Hawks freelance?