Post your best 2k20 pulls (so far)

League pack 10 box. 5 pack got Leonard :slight_smile:

My hair out after seeing the token glitch


Wtf ay i got 2 10s and got not a single ruby!!!

Did not get single ruby either after pulling another 10 box, but that Leonard was clutch :smiley:

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Gamestop gave me my code for Iceborne 5 hours early, fuck 2k.



Ruby Klay from that 22.500 5 player pack :slight_smile:

Has anyone seen someone pull above ruby from that limited 3 Deluxe packs? I haven’t seen anyone over a ruby

Enjoy it bro in an hour I’ll be playing gears 5

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Damn really? I’m sitting over here staring at the four hour timer like a pleb.

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Yea, I just beat Beotodus for the first time. :smiley:

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Pulled Isaac Bonga in my starter pack and a diamond contract in the preorder league pack.

Got ruby kyrie and kat

Got Zion. Ima hold em I’m almost 100% sure there will be a challenge where you need to use his gold card

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Gold Zion was a beast in my first game

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5 boxes and no amy

But I got diamond Kerr

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Ruby Kyrie/KAT in 3x premier packs

Sapphire Derozan. Diamond coach

I got Ad, pop, and d’antoni

Ruby Eddie Jones. He’s my best player so far

I pulled a ruby Westbrook and listed him on auction house ASAP because I can’t stand him. There’s just some guys I’m not a fan of so they have no place on my team.

Who are your guys that you won’t allow in your lineup?