Post ups, animal abuse!

I have grown in love with post ups way too much, i actually build my lineup that i have 3-4 post players in both bench and starting lineup, i’ve seen a lot of people recently double team so they would stop plays, well how about that sweet little post fade they cant control :joy:


The improved post up game this year has made Melo the goat for me.

I’ve never had more fun with a card, than Melo in TTO this year. I finally feel like I get to play as Melo, like he really plays. He’s a triple threat (stance I mean, but game mode too) monster. Jab step for days!!!

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Paul Pierce is wicked tho bro, i just made sushi outa Lebron and Leonard, dude quit. His fades are great, + mid range dead eye actually activates on fades as well and he has HoF :slight_smile:


Just chose pierce :grimacing:

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Such a sweet release

Whoever was saying his release sucks :rofl:

His release is a bit slow when you run him for plays, otherwise its money.

I usually like pierce, so I’ll be excited to get his PD. I love any player with an old man game. Slowing things down and ISOing a guy out of triple threat/post up, is my fav thing in 2k.

Im gonna have to get TD first (250 tokens away currently). Not sure if I’ll take pierce or Stockton 2nd. I’ve never been a fan of grant hill cards. I’m sure he’s great, but he’ll prob be my last pick.


TD somewhat always uses hooks over fades ;o

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Interesting. I’ve been trying to work hooks back into my game. I abused the sky hook in 2k17, and then they killed hook shots last year so I never used them.

Gotta learn all the hook animations again now. Been messing around with camby in the post, trying to work on my hook shot game.

Sometimes i run lineup of Scott/Melo (i know its cheese to play him at 2, but dudes play Lebron and Giannis at point so screw this)/Pierce/Duncan/Hakeem. Post me up when September ends :joy:

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Post game is OP this year. Yday I had a guy drop 10 points in a row doing post fades on me from 5-8 feet from the basket with Diamond David West

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Is he shooting hooks when you try to do a fade? Or are you using just button?

Hahaha. Yeah Melo at the 2 seems like a great spot once my lineup is that level of stacked.

Scott for sure has a nice little underated post game.

God damn, I feel like I’d just call punch 5 for each player alternating all game with that lineup :rofl:

Post game has always been my fav, I’m so happy it’s so strong again this year.

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I think his shooting hooks over fades, from closer range, if i try to do fades with him from bigger distance they always end up missing, somewhat, dunno maybe im bad with him doing them from distances but i got no problem shooting fades with other players i post up so kinda strange.

This makes me so hype for him… my favourite player and I can pull off moves he actually would do :heart_eyes: I better start getting them tokens I guess :triumph:

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I run Melo at the 2 and he absolutely destroys any SG in the post. He’s stronger than them and they all have bad low post D ratings.

Peja is my favorite. BBQ chicken in the post vs Melo.

Yah i happened to run against Peja with Melo tho, it was fun to say the least :slight_smile:

Do you have any problems with Duncan fades ?

Oddly enough, I find peja to be a sneaky lockdown guy for me. I mean if I’m facing a dribble god, I’m gonna have some troubles. But a slowed down offensive attack, I feel very comfortable with peja.

He plays the 2 in my TTO lineup, which means he defends LeBron and melo a ton for whatever reason. I’ve had good success with user onball defense with peja. He’s just so big, he slows guys down well.