Post the New Duo Boosts

Figured I would make a thread for people to post the new Duo boosts so we can all see the best ones!

you can also go on 2kmtcentral in couple hours and see them all

I know it, just trying to help those who don’t want to wait

already a topic talking about boost btw

but was a nice idea bro :slight_smile:

Where at ? Lol

Opal Klay is the only card I own that got a new duo. Like wtf. :disappointed:

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i have the ultimate collection locked but the duos , probably going for larry legend boost buying magic, i hope he can get post takeover with that boost

I will say, they definitely heard the complaints(among others) about the duos being budget based, last year we had PDs duoed with Amethyst

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You realize 90% of that is people posting what they’ve pulled. There’s not a post dedicated just to posting the boosts. It’s nbd , but still

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they « listen » the community 1month before the game is totally dead lmao, i call it a buy 2k20 strategy


And it’s with PD Dlo :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


yeah sometimes happen with general discussions :rofl:

Thus the thread is needed lol


i agree

Yea and it being Dangelo is a joke. Dude will prob get traded again within a week. Shouldve obv been Klay

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I only care about Bird/Magic and LeBron/AD

Anyone see the boosts for these guys?

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I’m trying to find boost info also


He can’t be traded until December the 15th, but yeah, it sucks, should’ve been opal Curry