Post Shove 2k19 version, best post shove ever

This year post shove is super over-powered, there’s a new animation that you want to look for as a que point to release the LT and RT, this move alone helped me beat All-time Dom very quickly…

(Recommended 80 or higher stand dunk tendencies and 90 and above strength)

  1. (Optional) Call any post play or call quick post up

  2. This year, you have to hold both RT and LT for aggressive back-down, this will trigger the post hop going inside (video for example)

  3. As soon you see the Post hop, let go of RT and LT, (While pressing Left Stick towards your defender) you will then get the shove animation right after a hop, this will push the defender further out then previous 2k

All-Time Donimation tips
I start 3 PFs, in 4-1 freelance, post up and call iso, this will clear the post.

SF - Zach Randolp
PF - Dan Issel
C - Dirk

The cpu will start double teaming after the 4-5th standing dunk, this is when you pass out for a open 3… the cpu will not double again after you hit 2 3’s

I have Randolp at SF to match up with a SF
the cpu is super smart so they will switch to match up, since you have 3 Pf’s the Cpu will have to pick it poison…

I can do this all game and end up with 1100-1200 points only taking around 4-6 3’s


Awe man so that’s how I accidentally did it. How long do u think before they patch. Also delete this :joy::rofl:

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It’s part of a post move, they won’t patch it, it’s been in the game for years that I rarely see online.

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Was talking about this in another topic. Good shit bro I think you might be the goat

thx bro, so you dont need to do anything to trigger post hop other than both triggers?

Thats the ‘agressive’ post up i thought?

Smfh. Question is how do you defend it?

Be stronger or double-team lol… he can only push one dude at a time :wink:

If you have a good defender you can strip him when the ball is exposed

I need to lab this before commenting further but I’m not sure I’d call this a post hop (the one triggered by tapping shoot). Nevertheless if repeatable this is a solid find.

This move isn’t currently in my repertoire but I think I’ve triggered it by holding left stick at the defender and doing a shot fake as if I was trying an up and under.

A very powerful bully move especially in the Park.

I think you can pull out of the post and make him fall ? Its happened to me before.

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I think post hop was the wrong choice of word by him. You’re just waiting for him to shove him then you go up

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thanks, its my go to move to set up the post fade later in the game.

after you see the hop animation, hold go of LT and RT, point Left stick towards your defender.

noone did it to me yet, thats why im going to lab it some more with friends.

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thanks bro, I’m gonna test it out. I’ve been in the lab learning a new playbook but next on my list is post moves and then dribbles

I do this with Ben Wallace in TTO, virtually nobody uses big men so bully ball is super effective.

Since this is an Xbox thread, i figure this should be useful:

Hope this helps if you can’t follow the visual tutorial!


I wanted Ben Wallace so bad but decided to finish some sets for some tokens to get into the diamond rewards, I to pick up Dantley!

Guess Elton Brand will be my starting PG for All-Time Dom.