Post Scoring Park Build?

Aight fam once I hit 95 im gonna make a post scorer. I was thinking lock down but tbh every build can play defense so… no point really. Plus i wanna score lol

I was thinking:

  • Pure post scorer: Can do what I want the build to do obviously.

  • Athetlic Post scorer: i heard that a pure post doesnt really dunk and that athletic dual will help it to do that?

  • Shot creating Post scorer: to stretch the floor with mid range and corner 3s

Any of you guys have post scorers? @OGxSuave

Any build recommendations? Arm length default? Weight max?

I have a max weight, max height Pure post scorer and it’s super fun. I’m only a 64 OVR though, so I would take my MyCareer advice with a grain of salt lol

You play that in the park?

When my friends are on, yes.

im guessing you have the post scoring maxed out? Hows that going for you offensively?

If it helps my friend has a 70ovr stretch big lol he only maxed the 3 ball and Speed

I don’t even have it completely maxed yet. Post fades are cash and people jump on literally everything, so it’s easy up and under for buckets

What OVR you now?

91 and 1 bar so next bar 92

I have a rebounding post I think 91.6 wing , 272 lbs 7’2

I have a 6’10" Shot-Creating Post-Scorer as a PF to get the shooting badges.

The post game sucks in Pro-Am but I can at least space the floor (5/5 on corner 3s last rec center game).

This build shines best at the park though. Especially effective 3v3 and 1v1. A very tough matchup to defend solo and silver dimer to hit shooters.

You get silver dimer with the build? What about at Center? Or should i go PF since its faster?

I dabble with a 7ft shot creating post as a second build after my shot sharp. Been enjoying it a lot but been on career getting badges up and stuff. Haven’t taken it for a spin in park or rec. Good fun build. I’d recommend it for sure.

If you go with that build go with 7’0 of you get hof diff shot

Sounds good 7ft PF shotcreating post. im thinking a little above weight and wing span

yup just watch the caps also the added strength will be better than the added speed

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Aight man thanks for your input

no problem bro that build is godly on the park youd be surprised at how many threes they hit.

Yep my friend gets ass blasted by post scorers and lockdowns hitting 3s not even from dimer

That’s my build :slight_smile:

Definitely go PF for the catch and shoot/ corner 3 bronze.

The ability to stretch the floor is the counter to the 7’3" lumbering giants.

I’m like 25-4 in the park and not playing with any regular crew. 3 of those loses came playing 2s against cheese masters dribbling out of dead balls which I think is fixed now.

This build can dominate or support on offense and just ok on defense/rebounding. Lots of fun post moves this year.