Post Play With Meter And Aiming - Not Three Related

I know there’s a large hot fix thread, but that’s 99.99% open jumper talk.

I’m leaving the meter and aiming on because 2K is grimy and seems to punish us for turning them off.

I like the post, early on when 4 and 5 positions aren’t lights out you can really play old school post game, but this year I can’t do anything because of how difficult it is to get a simple fade or hook in.

I can shake the defender, but when it comes time to actually fade L/R and then having to come back and center the stick after all of the stick moves and pumps to get open it makes these moves unusable.

I’ve resorted to brain dead Shaq drop steps, pump and shots. But with Rik Smits down there that doesn’t work so your only choice is an overcomplicated hook, shimmy or fade.

I can run plays and PnR but they’ve basically eliminated the post this year except for drop steps.


I think there may be a patch soon. I like that not everyone can make post hooks anymore, ratings seem to matter. But with that being said, open hooks don’t go in nearly enough. I’m having the same issues as you. I have no problem getting open for a shot but they just aren’t falling lol. I had to turn the aiming off. Couldn’t get that shit to work right in the post, it just doesn’t feel right.

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I did run into someone in unlimited who was greening post shots because he was aiming. Definitely some cheese to be found there if you practice it lmao.

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I cant figure out how to do post and layups for the life of me so I’ve still been using x

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Sameeee, but I’ve only had it installed for a day…rik smits is a beast but aiming the stick for a hook…God bless I air balled a hook 2ft from the basket.
The kobe they give you is the old kobe on the legend edition…God bless hes so slow and no 3. mid range is good but I’m shooting with X until I practice enough to get a feel from the stick. I dont know why 2k would do this…

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Nah bruh post moves is the move, especially post hooks, make sure to tap L2 as well because they’re technically shots too

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You really just have to get used to adjusting all the way thru the shot. It took some time but Hakeem and Embiid run my offense because once you get comfortable with it, the post is pretty much unstoppable unless the user is elite on post D

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Bill lambier and rik smits post fades with the aiming stick is so good I can almost green every time