Possibly selling a few players, good idea?

Looking to kinda swap the Magic I got from the locker code for Blake (So just sell my Magic and buy Blake) and also going to sell my old PG and Pippen and buy the new PG and sort out my bench.

Do you think selling them now is a good idea, or what till tomo or a couple of days?

dont sell Pippen.


Magic to Blake lobs so fun


and the PGs aren’t that different. I would consider selling Magic if you can get good mt.

Hold off on selling magic for now his price is in the dumpster right now he’ll go back up


I think the new PG is similar to Pippen just with a better release, so I don’t really have room for Pippen

But I want to buy the Blake with the MT I make from Magic

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What’s PD Blake going for now? Is there nothing else you can sell that hasn’t depreciated markedly, in order to get him? I.e. hoarded Historic and Theme cards that are lower OVR but worth a lot, aggregately?

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If what magic is going for now I’ll give you enough go for it

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Like 150-175k as of like 2 hours ago

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Hm. I have about 200K right now, again, and now I feel like I should buy something else to resell later.

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Blake is a lot of fun, @HarryLundt. If he’s at his cheapest, it’s a no brainer.

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Imma blame you if there’s a 2nd PD drop.


I want Blake bad. hes the only card I didnt use before pulling. I missed several snipe on him last night because of the damn lag.

Hey, I said “if he’s at his cheapest” lol.

I’m currently running Blake, Pippen and Magic in TTO. Did run Iggy for a while. Either way it’s a great 3 man combo. Blake can do just about everything

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Hahaha. That’s the question.

I need to pick up all the cheap Historics released today and then I’ll see what I have left after that. I guess also sell more badges.

I also need to decide when to sell off all the hoarded Historics and other cheaper players I have. I have a ton of bullshit lying around.

So true I sold off some historic emeralds I forgot about, I had players like Clark Kellogg that got me 17kmt really worth having a look guys If you haven’t already

Thanks. I have a bunch of Historic collections complete or near-complete, but unlocked. Have locked nothing. Not looking forward to the work of selling them but intend to at some point. All of it. Just dreading it and also wondering when is best.

I historically have never been impressed with a Blake card. You bring up some key deficiencies but this one is pretty special. I think the main reason I’d consider it at all is simply because I expect the price to go up and for it to be profitable. Or at least, to be break-even or a very marginal loss.

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