Possible super anniversary packs soon

They could be coming any day now, the anni1 super packs were release on Wednesday, so if there’s any indication, but with 2k there’s no telling, could be today, tomorrow, or not released at all.

Bird is already lowest so i see him taking least of the fall, with AD and Shaq taking the biggest ones.

This whole thing is killing me… WHEN DO I BUY THEM?!? haha, super packs coming, I should wait, if they’re not coming, I should pounce now while others are waiting for them…

Well only few days to know, not a biggie ?

What are the current prices for the anniversary 2 players atm on PS4?

Market manipulation? Lol


We need that ball drop too

exactly how ? This is rather people not losing much coin and being wary of situation.

Ease up champ, it’s called a joke…

And i was angry or something, how ?

Seemed like you were, my bad

If you got Shaq and he cost 330k ish, you can still buy him around 310k give or take, even if packs don’t drop. So if you sell now the loss re-buying without pack drop is minimal. The loss if they DO drop and you don’t sell could be huge.

It’s possible, they don’t release the superpacks and this GO be OP and people will lock and the value of cards like shake even going up .
But my conviction it’s that the super packs will happen

IF they dont drop tomorrow the chances that they dont drop are much higher then, so you can just re-buy late Wednesday/Thursday, before prices spike up on Weekend.

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Didnt they release them whilst jordan was in packs?

Nah a few days before


Super Packs December 19, Jordan Packs December 21th.

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I’m not selling. Even if they release the super packs I think 2k will include series 1 in them and most pulls will be from series 1. This is my first year playing my team but I’ve seen how 2k operates smh. I rather be safe cuz I’m locking for Blake ASAP

Super packs didnt drive the anniv cards super way down, it was the free anniv cards lockercodes (x2) that did. I bet they lose 15-20% of their value but not 60-70% like anniv 1 did


Ya it was the guaranteed PD locker code with Giannis in the corner, even giannis didn’t go down to much but AI and wallace hit bin