**possible** new Jordan content ideas

So, I’m not sure if 2k has any done something like this before, but the strange addition of Craig Ehlo to the game has me brainstorming…

Would they ever do a spotlight type series where, not only do you need specific teammates to play with, could we possibly need specific opponents cards too in order to play???

Like for instance,… Jordans story would start off against the Celtics, so you would need Bird, McHale , Parrish ,Ainge and Dennis Johnson ( where the hell is my DJ card!!!).

Then you move onto to the Cavs vs Mark Price, CRAIG EHLO, Hot Rod Williams, Brad Daugherty etc…

Then onto the Pistons…Isiah, Rodman, laimbeer, Vinny J, Dumars .

And then win the championship thru

Lakers. Magic, Worthy, Kareem, Byron, and coop

Blazers- Kersey, Drexler,Duckworth, Porter, Paxon

Suns- KJ, Thunder Dan, Chambers, Ceballos (MYSTERY)

Sonics- Kemp, The Glove, Detlef, Hersey Hawkins, Sam Perkins
And finally the Jazz - Stockton, Malone, Russell, Ostertag and Hornacek

Oh and the Mystery player turns out to be Sir Charles making his entry to to 2k !!!


2k isn’t cool enough to do any of this. Best case is we get challenges with a shitty PD locker code Jordan. Would love to eat my words though.



Not gonna lie, I think it’d be really annoying to put Jordan behind a grind wall…

They did it with Kobe, Hakeem, Arenas, Harden, etc. It’d be nice to be able to just get an all 99 Jordan on the AH with the MT one makes from playing the game :sweat_smile:

I get that there needs to be balance, but I think that was struck when a juiced Kobe was made available imo

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:joy::joy::joy::joy:. I know it’s waaaaaay out there. Wishful thinking more than anything. I should be a dev.

I would put real life cinematography and cut scene real highlights of the actual games. It would make it so much more entertaining. Really tell a story intead of a half assed paragraph on bottom of screen.

Facts ^

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i wish

Yeah I agree @chirosco. I bought my Wilt Chamberlain Value Pack yesterday, waiting for some :fire: tomorrow :joy:.

It doesn’t even necessarily have to be for Jordan, but the next spotlight type challenges should have way more depth and detail and be entertaining and informative and fun… Instead of the whole community dreading the content.

I’ll take as many free cards as I can get

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