Possible Moments Steph Curry card tmrw?

Are Moments cards still a thing? Cuz Steph has 45 in 3 quarters rn

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They haven’t done moments cards yet, just XP challenges.

Career high. As someone who grinded for pd curry, He deserves a pd moments for that performance.

grab some ruby currys it could rise for those ppl still grinding for wade xps

Im hoping for Galaxy Opal Steph in Moments packs tmrw its his new career high :sweat_smile:

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i think they’ll do moments starting in season 4

Yeah this

I reckon Steph will probably get a 1500 XP moments challenge for the late Wade grinders

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this is why the grinders shouldn’t quit if you are at level 38 or 39.

2k drops juicy easy xp challenges in the last few days.

I think he will get a 2000xp challenge

Bro I need 50k, so unless there about to drop a few 10k xp challenges, I’m done.

If a career high does not deserve a card, what does ?

dort didnt get a card after his carrer high :cry:

Not high enough i guess lol.

I guess 26 isnt

How did moments cards work in the past?

Didn’t he score higher than that in the playoffs?

person has good game= a card

yes, but his career high (non-playoffs) is 26, which he got last week

Right, but is that card just in random packs etc? Available through a code? A reward of some kind?

packs, it would be moments pack and whoever had a good game would a card, like emerald through Diamond or PD

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