Positive averages

Due positive averages affect how good a player is on line as opposed to offline and I’m speaking for myteam but when I first Got jr he couldn’t miss I had One dude put James worthy on him and he shot 7-20 I know I shoildve Stopped Jacking shots but either way I won Limited Gilbert and Roy destroyed there matchups and that’s all you can ask for when you play against a lineup with 3 galaxy opals in it but still my question comes to mind cause like Roy and Gilbert and all non rewards players you can reset there stats by sending them to auction and back to the team are rewards players doomed to this system I mean If it’s even a thing

No, I don’t think a card’s statistical averages determine how they play. It does bother me that those partial game challenges and TTO fuck with the averages, though.

Well stat wise I get That I’m talking about the positive average so you can have a card with a attribute level of 99 open 3 but a positive avg of 77 does the way you play affect positive average and if so does it affect how the card does in certain situations

I don’t understand what you mean by positive average.

So in game player cards who you there hot spots and all that if you look at attributes after pressing r3 in the substitution menu or the box score menu you’ll find that each player has attribute ratings and positive averages and that also goes for tendencies it’s like on my career I my 3 ball rating is a 67 or some low number cause ima slasher but my positive average is 78

I think you mean position average

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Oh wow I never Thought about that I saw Pos and assumed positive