Position locks and “No more goofy Lineups”

Well I’d gladly say the 2k20 cycle has just about all finished up and I personally hated position locks as someone who doesn’t spend their entire pay check on 2k to have the greatest team I do spend a bit but only when my me favourite player is in packs or if the pack odds are good.but the offline content has been A1 with all the free and opals and goat cards I’m hoping that 2k follows this trend on next gen …

With that being said 2k goes ahead and does this .

image image image image

And yeah the cards are good but really defeats the purpose of POSITION LOCKS

And for the “goofy lineups” well … and there are many more lineups I could create but what’s the point 2k is going to do what 2k is going to do


Come again?


Position locks were just a mechanism to sell multiple versions of a player to make more money.

I gotta give 2K credit though, it worked.


We are all aware of this tho? This supposed to be new news?

Exactly thats why they did it to make cards worth rippin packs

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I can only imagine the meetings they had last year when people were clamoring for locks, lol.



I always knew they were gonna do stuff like PG Lebron and SG PG13.

But I honestly didn’t think they’d take it as far as they did. Thon Maker, Bill Walton, Hakeem, the list goes on.

This is why I never wanted position locks. It was obvious 2k was going to manipulate them for profit.


Google English to 2K translator translates “you’ll never see” as “you have to pay premium price” :cold_face:

just press post. then u can see the end result. it should work

exactly. people were crying out for them. I think I said it multiple times here, but it’s a lazy “solution” for the issue of these types of lineups.

the real solution would be: fix the broken post hooks, don’t give bigs guard handles, reduce LQ on bigs, give smaller guards more ankle breaker animations against bigs, give smaller guards quick releases (they did a good job with a few this year) that are unique to them, and knock some attributes and badges down when players are played OOP.


Yeah they were smart to make position locks cuz it made those cards even more worth it… 2k greedy af they know how to steal everyone money

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Ok thank you

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Lamar PG/SF.

Position locks were always a money grab. It made the mode even more pay to win. Its a scam.


What I meant was if it’s like guaranteed diamond pd and opal in packs I know the odds are always trash I typed the wrong thing

Yeah same with sg/sf dirk absolutely nothing wrong at all

Exactly bro that’s why they did “position locks”

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2K: “well, still there’s no diamond Kirilenko as your opponents point guard”


What? Odom was a point forward but ok…

It wouldnt be a problem, if stats would be real. Ball handling bigs with range is so lame… In fifa, madden etc even the best attacking cards have shit defending stats cause they arent defenders… Just cant imagine Messi as a defender or Ronaldo as a goalkeeper, this shit is just dumb in 2k.