Position Lock Hacked

Position Lock Hacked

Playing against a guy who has Amy Kobe at PG, Diamond JR at SG, Diamond Lebron at SF, Ruby KAT at PF and Muresan at C. KAT and Kobe are playing out of position. Interesting is that his starting lineup in the dashboard was all Bronze. Any ideas how this happened?

If u build it, we will hack it


Played someone that did the same thing. There’s a glitch that allows for this and it’s a shame people exploit the game this way. Just sad…

It was strange in the first 2 mins of the game dude took like 3 timeouts to make it all happen. It’s sucks. I was 10-0.

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There was a thread on this yesterday w a how to video I believe. I didnt watch it, but as soon as I face this bullshit, its on.


I accidentally came across this glitch cousin messed w my lineup ended up having Luka off the bench at pg lol

I can post a link to the video again. but do we really want that?

Gotta fight cheese with cheese homie





never realized that that psn was a YouTuber , I’ve played him tons and tons of times lol

Ah, it seems to me that it’s just making sure that you have Bronze starters in mandated positions and then make sure you have Bottom 3 of bench be Bronzes occupying a position other than the one(s) you want to glitch.

Then during Timeouts, the CPU will allow you to put in, for example, Brandon Ingram at PG, because he is a better choice for that than anyone else on the bench and there is no PG alternate.

What’s weird is that I thought the game built in controls in the Lineup dialogs. That one had to put in a backup for each position, at least in terms of someone having at least the position as a secondary position.

Maybe that somehow got accidentally rolled back?

I assume that there is some sort of capping of these OOP subs, and that’s why it takes several time-outs to get several implemented.

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Ok, this is a bit off topic, but can anyone explain to me what risd’s badge is? I’ve never seen this badge before


Oh wow, congrats risd.

You make us Switch (and former ones) proud.

Ngl, seeing these other 2KG members getting badges makes me kind of want to get one.

Back to topic, peeps that are abusing these glitched lineups need to be put to shame

Played someone who had Oubre at point yesterday I believe

It doesn’t have to be bronze starters. You just have to use a PG & a PG/SG in your starting lineup. Then don’t put a PG on your bench.


2K will drop Amy Magic to PF if you pair him with a large C/PF like Wilt. Not that this is an advantage, but I think that’s what happened with the KAT you faced. The ogre is just so much bigger that 2K swapped them.

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There will be a 312GB patch to fix this…in…May…