Anyone else really excited for KP preseason debut tonight against OKC? And I believe it’s on ESPN.


The question with KP is how he looks 3 months into the season. He always looks great at first then starts to look gassed.


Tbh, Dallas fans shouldn’t be that hyped.
He missed nearly 2 full seasons and it will surely take him some time to get back into it.
They shouldn’t have big expectations for this season. The roster isn’t that great, anyway.

Ofc its gonna take him some time. I don’t expect him to be KP until later in the season but I’m just excited to have him back on the court. Our roster is also way more versatile than you think it is tbh.

I think around all star break he’ll be back into form.

I was thinking hyped as in being able to make the playoffs.
40wins should be a realistic target, imo.

I watch a ton of Knicks games and I agree.

KP has a massive ego that he adopted from his mentor Melo and his brother. He’s not going to be happy as #2 to Luka.

The issue is that by ASW he’s usually anemic and complaining about how tired he is.

This was before the knee.

I think this squad can make the playoffs if everything goes right. Because we will start off kind of slow, I’m expecting 40-45 wins. Rick Carlisle excels at guard play our rotation is deep. We’ll be fine and if it dont work out this season it will next year due to continuity

OKC <-> Lakers is basically a guaranteed change for playoffs seeding.
From other playoffs candidates, only Blazers and Warriors are weaker because of injuries.
Everyone else is stronger.
I don’t really see a realistic chance for Mavs to make the playoffs, barring some catastrophic injury situations or meltdowns on other teams.

They will definetly make the playoffs, teams are going to have a hard time with some of the match ups. Ths Mavs have a lot of players that can play multiple positions an a deep bench of decent role players.

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Ok bro

I’m for sure ready to see them boys hoop tonight hopefully we get to see some of that 7’3 plus front court

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Ok then, Luka and KP will both be all-stars this year and carry Mavs to the 5th seed.

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@JohnnyHimrod As a fan, no fault in hoping your team makes the playoffs. You said you hoped they make it and if not, next year.

With that being said, I do think 45 wins is a bit high BUT hear me out. The league is much more balanced, so I don’t think there will be a single team in the West that just dominates. Due to this, I believe that the higher seeds in the West will be roughly around the 50 win mark, with the exception of maybe 1 team (who knows), so I, personally, would think around 40 would be more realistic than 45.

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Also, excited Porzingis is back. Always sucks to have an NBA talent like that sidelined, even if he’s not on your team. Wish him the best this season!

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Call me crazy, but I think that those two maniacs in Houston will get 60 wins.
And then crumble in the playoffs, but that’s a different matter.

Porzingis has an All Star type season. Easy money.

Fuck that oversized diva. Sincerely, Knick fan.

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