Popular or un popular?

is Russell westbrook the most overated guard in the league? eithet him or simmons. its pretty embarrassing to loose in the 1st round three years in a row and especially when you have an mvp candidate to help.

The Westbrook hate river is flowing like ancient rivers of Babylon!


Still didn’t get to the finals when he had KD and Harden…

when he had kd and harden

Overrated by casuals and his stans who think his 3 seasons of triple-doubles make him “the GOAT” or “best PG ever.” I’ve seen way too many of these comments, especially when comparing him to Curry

2012 Finals? Thanks to KD though

does it matter if u avg a tripple double if u just loose in the first round

Oh. Right! He did average 27/6/6 in those Finals which isn’t bad. But KD >>>>>>>>>>>>> Paul George. Actually that whole team >>>>>>>> current OKC…

I still don’t get how a vet that has been in the league as long as he has can still be so immature. That’s the #1 reason I dont like him


Will go down as one of all-time greats, but he’s his own biggest enemy.
Terrible decision making, terrible attitude and he’s uncoachable.

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hes too stubborn

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It’s because everyones afraid to try to correct him, because then he goes out of his to be a dick to them. Just look at all of the reporters he dismisses whenever he has a tantrum

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Ben Simmons overrated? Literally the only comments I see are that he doesn’t have a jumper.


Simmons would be a top 5 player in the league with even a semi respectable jumper


I suppose “could be” would be more accurate. I’m a big believer in Simmons

Hes always been a polarizing player, neither his hardcore fans or haters are going to be swayed much by the loss I dont think. For the neutral fan I do think this has to bump him down a little on most people top players list.

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Ben Simmons today, even without a jumpshot, probably could have been league MVP in the 50’s lol

I enjoy watching his style of play. Playing with strength and physicality is always entertaining to watch… But when I watch OKC games I always like to see them lose and him be the reason.

I wouldn’t call myself a hater of him but the only thing I find more amusing than his physical play are his tantrums which are what prevent him from being successful.

I wonder whether PG will stick around for long… I’m unsure what his current contract is

If anything Simmons is underrated imo. People zero in on his lack of a jumper and trash him for it while acting like he isn’t averaging 16.4/8.5/7.9 for his career in winning seasons