Popular MMORPG’s on PS4

Does anybody know of any nice MMO’s on PS4 which have working economies, a decent player base, and are not sports-related?

I was about to drop like $60+ on MT and I realized this game is boring as shit and I want something else to play during quarantine.

This genre is best on PC, on PS4 maybe Final Fantasy or Elder Scrolls I guess

Path of Exile

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Phantasy online 2 just came out. It’s a online RPG for free. I’m downloading now.

What’s it like?

I enjoy playing Destiny from time to time. The gunplay is really smooth and it’s free to play

Not PS4 but I used to be a fiend on Ragnarok Online back in the day. Best MMORPG I ever played.


Essentially I’m looking for a RuneScape kind of game on PS4 lmaooooo

I was one of the first to get Not Forgotten in Destiny 2. Competitive Glory crucible is my shit.

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True, they brought Trials back a few weeks ago if you’re into sweaty PVP matches

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You can choose from 4 classes. And upgrade your weapon and stuff. You can join 10 other people to fight a boss and etc.

Went flawless 14 times.

The Meta right now is awful. Pretty much everyone just running Hard Light or Suros, I’m a pretty good pvp player and haven’t got past 5 wins this week

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I love destiny and D2, but I always hated the business with the DLCs, I take a break for a few months and when I try to get back into it I have to pay 40 dollars to feel competitive.

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Final fantasy is the only real full fledged MMO on ps4

I heard it’s good. But it has a seprate monthly subscription.

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Conan exile is a nice mix game ( rpg , mmo , survival …) and it’s pretty cheap now