Poor Nurkic

Hard to look at his injury.

Portland is cursed with bigs

Sad to see him hurt

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Am I imagining things or can you hear his leg snap. Damn

Yes, I literally saw his leg snap

Hope he’s alright. He’s really carved out a role for himself down in pdx

man he was really having a year. that leg is snapped wont see him till next reg season

I’m pretty sure he’ll be out for a year minimum

Next next regular season lol


Yeah after the rewatch that might be the loudest snap I’ve ever heard. Yikes

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That was not fun to watch. Another 1st round exit coming up.

Gruesome, hope the big fella is alright. And that’s Portland’s season down the toilet unfortunately.

he had 32 points 14 rebounds been balling all year top 7 center in the game

thats like PG13. will take a whole year to recover

This his 3rd leg injury in 4 years, I’m starting to think, he is going to have to slim down, he can’t continue to play at this weight the way he getting injured, 7 foot, 275 is a lot

This is an oddly specific yet probably completely accurate take


That was the worst injury i ever saw. his leg look like it exploded into pieces.

Yeah you could def here it snap.

Just rewatched.

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Intense. It just folded over like it was made of paper. Unfortunately a big guy like that I can’t see ever making it back to 100% :pensive:

Ref is getting roasted for the trip

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It’s really sad … very reminiscent of hayward’s and PG’s injury… hope he comes back stronger and better

At first glance yes, but after watching it back a few times his break is way higher than both, his leg literally look like it snapped in half, unreal scenes.

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