Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield

The game comes out on Switch Nov 15 next Friday. Who here is getting the game and which version will you get?

I think I will be getting the Shield version so I am down to trade any version exclusive Pokemon with anyone getting Sword.


might be time for the only Switch user on here to switch from 2k to pokemon


Shield here, how we feeling about the whole not having all of them fiasco? I’m a heavy bug trainer and I’m happy with what I got but I was never one to bring my old pokes forward.

And centiscorch will replace my starter and all the starters seem bleh especially the fire one.

Whats the difference between the two?

So besides the normal few Pokémon difference another major one is there are 18 gyms (a minor and a major league) and based on which game you get the gym leaders are swapped for leagues I believe.

It’s annoying not having all the pokemon coming over to switch (My favorite Metagross isn’t in the game) but the new pokemon added was created to help fill the void so I guess it works out

I’ll be coping both, my gf will play sword I’ll be on shield, only have one switch but this should keep her occupied long enough to let me play my other games, on the weekends I intend to play the two player way with my daughter whose 7 and doesn’t get the whole puzzle stuff to the game where you gotta read everything… this is my number one game series really really excited actually


In a year I’m sure they will release a remake then another full game in 2. I’m personally hoping they remake pearl and diamond lol


Ill be getting sword and by the looks for it for free cause 2k trolling way to much lately my mt money gonna pay for my copy

Did y’all see the trailer they released yesterday? It’s going to be a gamechanger for getting a comp lineup together for PvP and also make shiny hunting a lot more enjoyable.


Yeah some people was bitter about the trailer yesterday for some reason. I’m happy that they made grinding comp pokemon easier. I won’t have to play Pokemon Showdown so much


yeah the hardcore pokemon community can be so toxic. This was a massive QoL change for everyone that doesnt grind breeding, egg moves, etc. as a full time job.

They should be happy that these changes are likely to bring in a bunch of people to the pvp scene that wouldn’t have otherwise

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I’m way too hyped for Sword and Shield. Unboxing the limited edition Pikachu Gameboy and Yellow version on Christmas when I was a kid was one of my best memories. I even started playing Pokemon Let’s Go recently to get more excited about the new game. I’ll definitely be needing someone to trade with for evos lol.


Can I import any pokemon from let’s go? I only care about the OGs and probably would be less interested if I didn’t have access to most of them

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I’d also like to know which games we can import pokemon from.

I think so…

From what I understand you can import any pokemon that’s in your pokemon bank as long as the pokemon is in Sword and Shield.

There was a big uproar last week when they announced that not all pokemon will be supported in the new game. So if you have pokemon that got thanos’d they will not be able to be brought over.


Not all gen 1 Pokémon can transfer such a Bulbasaur and squirtle

Preordered sword. I’ll be down to trade but probably won’t be playing a whole lot since my kids dominate the switch at my house.

Any of you comp battle?

That sucks

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