Point guard

Right now using Baron Davis as my starter… Who can replace or back him up? Thought for the value and versatility maybe harden?

Oscar. Stockton. Both cheaper than Harden with great defense and badging.

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Harden is the type of player where you need to be efficiently dropping over 20ppg with him in my opinion. His turnstile defense is very noticeable against every level of opponent. I’ve been liking Oscar a lot and GP is decent of you don’t need his offense but Baron is still top tier.


I’m having the same issue. Just using magic and waiting for next weeks spotlight. If I had to buy someone tho itd be Harden Stockton or Oscar

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Oscar for HOF Intimidator alone. He has erased a lot of cheese from guards because he can activate that badge on lay up/dunk attempts and jumpers.


Seems like perfect options.

Rose for 500k is a damn joke.


I’ve been loving Allen Iverson. He has great defense, is crazy fast, and gets a surprising amount of contact dunks.

Baron is still better than every other PG, bro.

Diamond Lowry (backs up my oscar)

I’m about to sell Stockton , Lowry is better than I expected (his strength is no joke)


I enjoy Stockton, Simmons, Holiday, and SGA.

Im using Oscar n Stevie Franchise off the bench. But i got a pd dumars snipe this morning so i moved oscar to the bench n starting dumars just to see how he does @ pg. I cant decide what i want from my bench pg. Scoring or defence? Stevie or Joe?

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@330wiz try Lowery!!!

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Baron is still a top pg in the game.

Wish I could’ve got baron… :sleepy:

The best one for cheap? It seems Lowry?

isn’t the “litmas” locker code still active?

if so you should be able to find Stockton for cheap

Brogdon Amy was a card I was always looking at and should be cheaper after moments packs.

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Stockton 66k. I want to spend less. Lowry around 40k

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If you are a park dribble God Harden is unguardable.

Why payton not getting any credit? One of or the best defensive pg in the game and solid height

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