Point guard on next gen.[help please]

I have oop giannis and I badged him up. He has 62 hofs including blinders, range, etc. should I keep him or get someone else? I’m thinking maybe lamelo, Ben Simmons, hedo, ak, or anyone else. What would you do in my position? Who is a crazy good pg?

Lamelo is absolutely nutty. Slap blinders and rim on him and he’s next level. I will say I’ve found that 6’8 and 6’9 point guards are absolutely elite for 3 point hunting, and that’s what next gen is about.

I find point guards that are this height play defence bettwr against the giannis and giant point guards then anybody the same height.


It’s so many top tier cheap PG’s man … I sold my badged out Giannis a few weeks ago and got close to 400k MT, not sure how much OOP Giannis is going for now, but with PG Invincible/GOAT Giannis coming soon, I would probably sell.

Hedo, Rudy Gay, AK47 are all great cheap options. If you wanted to go dumb cheap you could do Boris Diaw.

All are legit and can save you some MT.


Boris is my backup pg and he is also insane. Can’t believe he’s so cheap

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I listed him. From what I saw, mine was the only one with 61 hofs and blinders to expire in the next 4 hours. I’ll keep you updated. The only issue I worry about is I struggle with Danny ferry’s release so I worry about hedo or ak. They are way cheap compared to giannis so I might as well try them. Giannis is amazing but I feel like I can flip him for a lot pretty easily. I spend 280k on him and slapped those hofs on him. Hopefully I get a lot of a return

I have a PG Giannis with 60 + HOF Badges and I haven’t come across a PG as good as him. I’m not selling mine unless a new Giannis has a different jumper.

Hedo, AK, Rudy, Josh Smith, Luka all demons on next gen.

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Really depends on how you play the game. Cause if you’re looking for 3s giannis is not your guy

Giannis is knockdown for me. Hes there for defense. Mainly depends on your roster construction. I have LeBron and Kawhi next to him to 3 hunt.

That’s fair! Great 3 to run. Yeah it’s really all preference at this point for sure

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It sell yet ?

No it still has 35 min or so

He sold for 270k… such a fucking L. Spent 280k yesterday and got him to 62 hofs including blinders and deep threes. Nothing like losing 10k not including taxes and al my good hofs on top of it

I just got a lamelo with a contract and shoe for 100k and he has blinders. He is damn good. Green machine. I played tto against the new Dennis Rodman and he dropped 14 on him. 4-4 from 3 and 5-6 fg. Rodman did get one block on a dunk

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I know this is unrelated but I’m new so I can’t post a topic yet. Can anyone tell me how you can see what a players takeover is and where or what the takeover meter is on current gen? Ive seen people say tap L1 but that brings up Off/Def strategies. I see people in youtbu videos saying he is gonna have take after this shot, but I don’t know how they are able to see that c I don’t see it anywhere. Do I have to turn something on in n settings or does the ability to find out and the meter not exist on current gen? Thanks.

It has to be on defense

What has to be on defense? L1?

I had a 64 hof oop Giannis & think only Goat Lebron is better than him. Giannis + Luka on same card.

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Glad you’re liking him! He’s money

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You still running PG Giannis or invincible? I really want to run Giannis but can’t fit him in right now with Bron/Kawhi/Bol/Bill/Wiseman

If I did go Giannis would likely be Bill that moves to the bench and Bol to the 4.