Poing guard help

Since the patch does height not matter much anymore for point guards, since they fixed the contested issue. So cards like curry, westbroook, and Lillard are worth using now ?


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right now i have magic, diamond giannis. u think i should replace 1 of them with pd curry or westbrook ?

youre playing Giannis at the 1??? I dont like to Play cheesy but if you can handle Magic right, hes OP. Curry Shooting lights out and Westbrook a really good Allround PG with pretty good animations BUT his Release is pretty slow. But also easy to green if youre wide open

this is my team right now


with diamond kawhi and d robinsion and pd clyde on my bench. \I dont like playing cheesy either but on pc so many people play giannis at the 1 so i figured why not

Curry is awesome. The only offense weakside is he can’t finish alley-oops. Yeah, Curry.

i also like Dipo, all offensive badges and can dunk and shoot, not an original pg, but yah. Curry is also amazing, i rather him then Giannis whos boring at this point.

Randomly picked up pd Baron for my cavs team… started playing with him and that card doesn’t feel like a short player… try him out considering younhave two drive and finish at the basket pg already