PNO Post patch

This mode is so much fun, before the patch, i couldn’t green anything, now you can green if you know your player releases, also the peeka in on there, i greened 4 straight 3’s with Monte Morris … The game seem to be running very smoothly now… If youre tired of MTU, hop on PNO, alot of good players there, but be prepared to face alot of Lakers/Bucks users…

I played play now against a friend, 80s vs 90s team and it was definitely harder. Felt more realistic, I enjoyed it. I was cooking with Stockton

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I played a dude last night that took 25 3 pointers with 91 magic, Broy is unstoppable in PNO

I always jump into PNO when I need to detox from NBA Jam (MyTeam) and it’s much more fun and way less toxic.

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That 71 bucks team is teir 3 dominate


Always more enjoyable games. Only thing was the was slow and sluggish. But still better than mtu lol. Dunno if they patched the speed of the game or not

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