PLEASE UPDATE ME until Feb 1st

Hi MyTeam Ballers,

I want to start by saying thanks to all that contribute to the community. Unlike 2K itself, it is YOU that has made this year, the grind, the ups and downs of PD lost, Server Lag, Codes and all the MT worthwhile. So, thanks for the chats.

That being said - I could really use your help in staying on top of things. I am gone, away from my system, away from the internet starting tomorrow, until Feb 1st. I saw, for one member, you would post updates of codes, releases…a one-stop spot to get them back on the ball when they returned.

If anyone wants to keep this post live for 2 weeks - while I am stuck away - on on the drama I miss, I would really appreciate, and love to read all the things that happen when I get back.

Thanks for considering being my “pen pal” - see you soon! Good luck these next few weeks, I think I am going ot miss the Kobe release FML.


What happened

6 more PD Hardens


send us your address we will have @HarryLundt pen you a letter detailing each content release while you are away lol


I hope everything is ok

Yeah mane we got you! Hopefully you’re securing the bag while you’re gone. Nothing wrong with taking a break from games for a bit anyway!

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LMAO - he has his hands full with analytics and you guys…especially when content doesn’t keep you all busy!

I am fine guys - just a trip from Canada to Europe - plane, and cruise. Just no access on water to MyTeam and limited opportunity to hit wifi - I will try…but we have 10 stops in 11 days - lost to do in Italy and Spain. Thanks for anything you post.

THIS is hilarious - and probably true.

We got you mate

Enjoy your trip

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Enjoy Bro! and Take Care!

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Im so scared of investing in Harden since mine got outdated in 3 days lol this dude has a moment every game. Probably just gonna roll with a Kobe/Tmac until Opal and/or anni Harden drops

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I’m surprised you won’t have WiFi on the cruise ship.

Though I guess I wouldn’t be surprised at lack of free WiFi.


It’s super expensive - and we won’t be on the boat enough to worry about it. I got a small data plan, but not enough - thanks everyone for having my back. I know these next 2 weeks are going to be epic.

Kobe is going to break the game. I only hope PD Jordan can check him.

Thanks again - see you soon!

Bump, as I hit the air :slight_smile:

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Have fun!!!

hey bro,

PD shaq just came out today along with Amy Porzingis and Diamond Penny.

As far as forum drama goes, people are getting banned for MT transactions again. Also, there has been a civil war going on between the disciples of MUG running centers 1-5 and sim ballers. From what my sources have told me, many users are one strike away from a 30 day ban (you know who you are).

Hope the cruise is going well.



Btw, on January 22nd, PD Roy was released instead of PD Kobe

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Oh wow didnt know this :hushed:

We also had two TDIH players (Sadly I think you missed PD George Mikan),

but there’s a Diamond Vernon Maxwell available (should be available when you’re back on this Thursday)

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