Please tell me PD webber is huge


60 cards missing




You’re in for a treat.


I was hoping his player model size was decent this year

When I unlocked him and tried him in free style he was like


He’s an amazing SF.


He feels small even at SF to be honest


I was playing someone yesterday with diamond Webber at PF and I spent the whole game trying to figure out who it was. Couldn’t believe it when I saw it was Webber. He literally looked like a guard next to AD.


so the god squad is

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Solid crew right there. Although Sabonis will be outclassed soon by athletic centers with better shooting and more HOF badges. I would prefer Dirk over him right now


Replace Sabonis with PD Boogie. You’ll love him.


Webber’s player model is small but he’s still a viable card. There’s just better/easier options now.


Well he can still bully other SF and his HoF Difficult shots work well with hop fades.


Yeah I have been using him there, but not gonna lie, even with a shoe his 71 SWB really sucks if you’re running him at SF.


This made me crack up.


When I used him it was strictly post up, or spot up. Only drove with him on fast breaks.


He feels like the size of pettit, of even larry johnson whos 6’7 lol


I’m 54 cards away and wondering same thing


webber stats are crazy and his playmaking is underrated


27 away from CWebb

are you guys going for Giannis?


y’all are complete sickos still going for that webber in May :joy: respect the grind