Please Post the Cavs or pacers playbook [XB1]

Can any of you on xbox do me a favor and post the Current Cavs playbook for auction. I’m willing to spend up to 2k

I’m desperate. Help a brotha out!

I have that playbook why do you want it

I’ve messed around with it in play now online and want to try it out in preseason.

Help me out Gucci will give you 4K on the spot. Otherwise I’ll just wait and get it for 500mt lol. I’m impatient

Try the Pacers playbook instead, it’ll look awfully familiar…

Thanks for the heads up. There’s no pacer playbooks up either though lol

Womp womp

Thanks @MambaForever !

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lol i’d have to reinstall the game, is there some money plays i dont know of ?

It’s essentially the Celtics playbook without a few PnR plays but with two nice double screen plays Fist 91 Horns and Fist 92 Give plus a few different 3 pt plays

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