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Hey you freaks lol, just wanted to get some ideas any of you guys/gals may have about what I wanted to briefly speak on…let’s say there was a subscription platform that was basically like a 2k metaverse type of vibe, let’s say they had a bunch of variations of different online leagues , ones with prizes/without and all kinds of variations of restrictions and you could run a team or run with a single player or a whole team or a bunch of different combinations of both …all that aside …what other type of engagement would you like to see implemented in this space ? Imagine this is a new subscription based service and your girl/friend just got you a prepaid membership for the next year, the platform is its infancy stage and they are surveying all users for any type of things they would like to see…I’m just curious what some of you may have in mind…

Just as example recently we’ve had clutch time mode added to myteam …2k came up with this concept in their own as far as I know but I’m sure they took some inspiration from a combination of things they may have heard from users on things they would like to see implemented in the future…so I’m trying to encourage an open discussion on things you may enjoy or think that others would enjoy, I appreciate any feedback and please let’s be nice to each other , don’t make fun of anyone or their ideas please .

Do you mean different modes in 2k?

No, I mean like a platform…think of the arcades in the mall in the 90s rather than the 2 arcade machines in the local pool hall…or think of a complex with multiple swimming pools, basketball courts , tennis courts , aerobics rooms, different universal and free weight gyms…rather than your standard neighbourhood gym with 1 big room and 2 lockerooms and that’s it …so this would be a new type of 2k hub where in theory you would be able to participate and play in a way that the game itself doesnt provide , if that’s makes sense

I just had a thought maybe it’s a good idea to just note in down here …how do ppl think about a dedicated place for “2k training”…this can mean different things z weather it be to teach new players how to grind badges and my career the mist efficient and cost effective ways possible depending on what that person is trying to accomplish , all the way to teaching people how to take advantage of the auction house on myteam to get their MT up…kind of like a compressed version of all the videos DBG comes out within any 1 cycle of 2k…I think there’s def ppl that can benefit from something like this…what do others think ?..btw I think the closest person to already be doing this specifically is RCATHEGREAT ,so shoutout to him, but this isn’t quite what he’s doing , just similar in nature