Please Help! 2k20 keeps crashing at pack quick sell screen

I’ve played hours and hours. Bought some packs as I get to the screen where you send them to the auction house for having duplicates it crashed as I tried to send them or quick sell some of them.

I tried restartting. I tried playing other modes. I am stuck. I tried everything. Anything to do with selling even 1 card crashes the game.

Error Code: a388169e
I submitted a support ticket. No reply yet.


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If its contracts you can apply them to players that worked for me

No its players themselves. I tried swapping them. I tried selling them one by one. I tried putting all to the auction house. Even that when you get to the last one crashes the game.

Is you auction house full maybe?

No can’t be that. Because I can send them 1 by 1. But once there is 1 card left to act on. No matter what I do. Send to auction house or sell it crashes.

Is there a way to go back on a saved my team game?

This is the problem I have. Anyone else?

I am having the same problem. Have you figured out how to fix it?

Same problem I played for couple days. I was doing a pack opening and got to the duplicates screen and I get an error code Everytime I try to sell the players or put them in the auction

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Has anyones acct been fixed yet with this error code a388169e?