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I guess this is a sale thread. I have a ps4 and have bought an Xbox, I’m gonna sell my ps4 today trading it in for cash.

I see a lot of guys on here trying to sell accounts and wonder if mine has any value.

It has the division 2, nba 2k19, madden 19, nba live 19, hitman 2, horizon zero dawn, call of duty Black ops 3, God of war, metal gear solid, dirt rally, ghost recon, wipe out and some other games on it that I guess are less popular

My 2k account has a my player on it around level 90 I think.

I have a full Opal squad but nobody hugely impressive. I think Opal Clyde is the most desirable player but Opal Bron, kobe, first kawhi, kobe, Davis, garnett and others are there as well.

Have people actually sold accounts successfully?

Yes people have sold accounts on here sucessfully. Never go first though unless they have rep

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I sold my account on here

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Thanks guys, I gifted it to someone earlier though so this thread should be locked