Please close thread!

I have grinder out 250 wins in the last two days and I’m getting so sick of this lol. I am at 300 win rn. Anyone do a service for this?

depending on how many games i can look into it

Well I want Dominique and I’m at 302 now

lol the price for that would be crazy

I have 7$ :sweat_smile:

Realistically you won’t get a game of tto cheaper then a buck per, maybe due to bulk it could be less, but let’s just be realistic :sweat_smile:

Someone close this thread please lol

Obv I was just kidding :sweat_smile: and fuck nvm. If it should be 1$/game fuck nah

$1000 for playing 2k, someone (definitely not me) would likely do it for $250 but that’s a lot to pay for a card

Yeah that’s not happening lmao