Please 2k sports make a soccer simulator

you guys made the best baseball game the best basketball game best tennis game that i dont understand why you guys stopped making and also other great games why not make a great soccer game ?. you guys could make money millions off of a my team type thing in this soccer simulator if you made a functioning soccer game unlike EA with a my player career n story mode and be able to buy hair cuts tattoos n stuff . i would pay money for garenteed players after certain amount of packs you open which most people will do . PLEASE 2K MAKE A SOCCER SIMULATOR PLEEEEEEESE I BEG YOU !!!

Key here is made*. They haven’t produced a great Sports Game since 2K11. I wouldn’t want them to disgrace the sport of Soccer like they do with Basketball every year.

They used to make football, hockey, soccer, but they were all pretty bad (maybe slightly better than Live is now). I think that was part of the excuse for focusing on NBA. Also Madden pulled some shit with the NFL licensing

Badges : HOF Deep range deadeye and Limitless Range

Can score goals from middle field

Call that relaistc?

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Cristiano Ronaldo would call it realistic.

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Weren’t Dinosaurs extinct?

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A throwback Ronaldo or Ibra card would definitely have a HoF Limitless badge if this were a thing lol.

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2K needs to get that same exclusive NBA licensing

Just bring back an updated version nfl 2k5 and I’ll be happy. Madden is ass

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uhh, their football game was way, way better than Madden.

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Idk if I’d say way, way better. But I certainly preferred it. Still wasn’t great though imo. It was so long ago though that I can’t say I remember 100%. I don’t think anyone can. I’m sure it would be pretty good by now if they’d kept at it.

One thing I do vividly remember is how weird the play selection was

I’d down for a new Virtua Tennis.

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There are two big brand already in the soccer market, thats not worth it.
Btw I still dont get why there isnt any yearly tennis games? Rafa, Fed, Djoko have enough market value to sell a product like this.

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licences, Basketball and Baseball you only have to have one - football dozens

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in fifa 19 every player has limited range even slow crappy silver bronze players

wow even the 2k forum is amazing, you can navigate easy . i like that little tab very organized nice