Please 2k hit us with duo packs for 24 hours!

All these cards are going to go crazy expensive now. Throw every single duo card in a super deluxe pack for 24 hours to even out the auction house. Lord knows I want this doncic and prozingis duo but not spending 300k for the duo


What’s pd shaq going for on Xbox now? Will these prices stay this high now?

might be time to sell my kp

Already sold my hedo for like 80k lol

Man I wish I could sell some cards I’m not using but I need them for collector level :frowning: I could sell and re-buy but that’s risky if the prices don’t come back down.

Cheap granger incoming

i don’t think he’s gonna get cheaper lol

The prices going to be high for a while just because there is a limited number of cards. Almost every single one of these cards that are a diamond or higher and have a dynamic duo will go for 100+k now

Strong possibility duo packs incoming, 2k likes money

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This will happen. :money_mouth_face:

Agreed. These duo packs are definitely happening, the question is when.

I wouldn’t expect this anytime soon. Probably not at least until after Throwback packs are done in 3 weeks.

Shiet I guess it’s a good time to sell badges/shoes and diamond contracts with everyone trying to super sayin their duos