Plays that get you an automatic bucket against AI?

I got a budget squad and am struggling in the Quantum pack challenge. Any plays like years before where you can get an automatic bucket against the AI? Lol

Any card that you can snatch back and hit from range with. Wade, Curry, Lillard, Kyrie, etc.

CPU can’t react fast enough to the stepback.


Alley oops work good for me

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Iverson series is solid

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Tony Parker stayed up in my grill with my snatch backs with dame. The defense actually played quite well against me. I ended up screen hiding to bury threes when I couldn’t snatch back though

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I just run and gun with my best shooters. That usually works pretty well.

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Whenever I need to score on HOF Dom with a garbage player for XP, I try to get that player as a roll man.

So basically if you’re team sucks, just have a PG who can pass and a PF and C who can roll and dunk it every time you call for a screen.