Plays disappear in SuperMax

Does this happen to anyone else? Sometimes I’ll be using the Warriors playbook, but certain plays disappear. It makes no sense. One game I can see a certain play come up for a player and the next game that same play is gone and replaced by others.


Happens when opponent has same coach as you I think so pick a more obscure coach.

Shit, that’s one helluva bug. I use Kerr and so do a LOT of people. Is there someone similar I can use and still get the system stat boosts?

use anyone with balanced coaching style. i believe ruby rick carlisle is the same. honestly i use dwane casey. his the highest perimeter centric guy. which is the gamestyle i play. most people dont run him. when i lose all my plays it pisses me off cuz its an integral part of my game.

steve kerr ftw

i would run kerr but i cant be losing plays every 3rd game lol

It’s a playbook glitch. To fix: make sure you only have one playbook in your collections. All extra playbooks sell or send to your auctions.

Can anyone confirm this?

Is this true?? Didn’t know :thinking: