Plays by Splash


Lmao. Sounds about right.

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lol :smiley:

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ty and splash are different
Their awarenesses and visions are insane
did yall see the pass splash made to luka in the corner cutting at the end of the finals? he did it on icon pass so it wasnt a fluke
if you can see the court like that i dont think you need to run a play lol

ty’s rotation on defense requires super high level of awareness and vision as well

jomar also made a good point about plays, they are not for you to abuse every single possession.
plays should be a bail out if nothing is open and you need a quick play to stop your opponent’s momentum


Im with splash here , plays will not work against good people …
Yes he is one of the best passers in pro am so he is one the best doing it in 2k ,it’s really difficult to pass in this game

whats funny for me is the end… and if nothing of this 3 options is there you wont score

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Plays can work lol. They just choose not to do any

I’ve seen rca take Jin down to the wire running plays the whole damn game


How many times ? One game ? Or a lot of them ? Plays are so slow to develop , I think having to the inbound and using one or two on the game it’s usable . All game I don’t see how you will be elite

Lol lemme tell y’all, plays definitely work, just take the Celtics playbook and go crazy. Literally some insane plays that can get you by, you have to manually rotate and defend the off so screens all while worrying about the ball handler getting dunks

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Can work but not at high level

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I beg to differ, I go against some good teams that do it, Dan does it, not saying you have to depend on it literally every single time on the floor, BUT you can literally do it every single time down the floor and get a quality shot lol

I never faced someone or saw someone going crazy doing plays all game so I don’t know
Incan imagine fist drags and Iverson séries being crazy on next gen since you can fade from the logo and get a lot of contact dunks but I don’t know

Plays take too long to develop, and are not reliable enough in Myteam to be doing that all game every game. Is it good to have one or two in your back pocket late game? Possibly yeah but idk. Theyre better in PNO

If y’all don’t think that plays work then you’re just running the wrong ones I’ve only lost 1 head to head game since I discovered then mastered my favorite playbook back in November and have beaten two guys who qualified for this year’s $250K tournament (JC2K and Mr Realo Man) using those plays as my primary source of half court offense.

The plays I run are faster and more efficient than a basic pick and roll/pop because they offer more scoring options and force the defense to guard three threats at once instead of two.


If you feel like plays or series taking too long, just press motion and it should initiate the actions

If you have no idea who rca is or shocked at how he can play comp myteam with plays then you ain’t in tune with the myteam Community. I literally told you he ran plays the whole damn game lol. People just DON’T TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN A PLAYBOOK AND LAB IT SO THEY ARE EFFICIENT AT IT. So of course they Gunna be slow as fuck cuz y’all put ZERO FUCKING TIME into learning the plays.

Every single book has easy easy screen plays that are JUST as efficient if not More efficient to run pnr with than a manual screen. But peeps don’t wanna learn how to run plays cuz all they see is splash and ty run around playing pnr PnP 5 out all game. Which works don’t get me wrong. But there is many ways to play this game.


They really don’t. You just gotta know what play your Gunna run before u inbound. Walk up the floor. Dudes in their spot already. Run the play. Or if it’s a simple fist play shit is quick. Hammer screens quick as fuck. Hand offs quick. I’ll run give 5 out just cuz it runs a handoff way more efficiently than running one manually and having to set the spacing first. Then run the handoff. Just run the play. Spacing is done for you

I’m not saying plays Gunna be viable for everyone. Cuz tbh most people don’t have the patience to lab books and then run multiple games and LOSE learning which plays work and how they work and lab. Most peeps just run one game with a book and say fuck it lemme 5 out


Yeah I think it’s the fact it’s time consuming to research, lab, etc plus we got thousands of people watching people win 200 thousand dollars not running a single play. I def don’t think running plays is the move in a comp setting unless it’s PNO / regs but it’s def fun to do in unlimited and what not.

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Sorry plays are cheese too ,
And I don’t know why all those caps … im into my team community I haven’t see one player won a MTM tourney or competing In 250k with plays