Playoffs - day 4

Game in Toronto just started.

I didn’t watch the first game, but this Magic team has some great length to defend the Raptors.

Other two games should also be great.

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I saw that

Saw that I messed up the title? :rofl:
Time flies, already day 4.

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Raptors showed up tonight.
Making tough shots and lockdown defense.

Maybe this will be over before the Spurs game starts.

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Important game for my spurs. We can go home up 2-0. Spurs nation !

kyle !!! :))))))))) for 3 !!!

Nuggets will surely shoot better, but I don’t see Lamarcus having two subpar games in a row.

Yeah i hope we get the W but if i’m realistic, Denver is going to win this one

No one talks about him, but LMA is having a hell of a season

Noone ever talks about the Spurs.

Noone even mentioned that Pop got the #1 spot for most wins in reg.season+playoffs combined.
Mainstream media is more interested in Luke Walton than the Spurs. Because winning is boring.

The only series with 2 NBATV games.
As per usual.

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Raptors with a great start, but still only +8 with Magic missing 6 FTs.
These lower seeded teams aren’t going anywhere this year.

Guys dont look now but kyle is actually playing well

Kawhi moments maybe ??? 27. With lots of time left in the 3rd

Meanwhile Murray and Jokic start where they left off.

Murray chucking and tunnel vision, Jokic being too passive.

Pop is so good. PD Coach card please…

The difference between this team’s defense now compared to first couple months of the season is just mind-blowing.

Even the biggest Spurs homers couldn’t have predicted this.

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Spurs in 4 damn…

I just can’t help but laugh at all these wide open clanks from the Nuggets :joy: like they’re great shots they’re getting, just doinks. They don’t look like they belong in the playoffs for 6 straight quarters now. Might be time to pack it in

Our defense is on point and we don’t have any lockdown defender. Pop I love you!

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