Playoffs Conference Semifinals Agendas

Just noticed these:

  • Any Giannis: 24 points (1 Game)
  • Playoffs Rewards Poole: 31 points (1 Game)
  • Any Bam Adebayo: 12 rebounds (Multiple Games)
  • Playoffs Rewards Mikal Bridges: 13 points + 1 steal (1 Game)
  • Any Jaylen Brown: 6 x 3 pointers made (1 Game)
  • Any Ja Morant: 47 points + 8 assists (1 Game)

I’m already resenting this busywork.


Trying to stay on top of these but can’t bring myself to do the Ja one. Might wait for something else to combo with it in rookie Dom.

I did Bam and Jaylen in a TTOff game. Bam took three TTOff games total, one of which was an attempt to do the Bridges. But I guess I suck ass because having Difficulty at All-Star makes it super tough to get steals and even winning isn’t a gimme unless I cheese.

Did the Bridges plus the Poole in one of those 50 Point TTOff Takeoff Challenges.

So still have the Giannis and the Ja. And I guess with 71 points I just need another point goal and do all three in a Rookie Dom.

Only Ja I have is the Free Agent and I have 2 Contracts left.


Yeah I smashed the others out in TTO or the 5 dunk challenge so I could finish it whenever I completed all the goals I had.

Wish I had a Holo Ja to double up with the monthly Holo challenge but the cheapest Holo Ja is like 40k when he sells for 15k, haha


I haven’t done any of the 2nd round challenges. Tough to force myself to play more CPU 5 on 5. At the very least we already finished the 1st round. And that should have been the hardest grind since it had so many teams. 47 and 8 with Ja is kinda annoying. Would have been nice if they made the challenge just score 47 with Ja so we could do it in a 50 point 3 on 3 game, but no we have to go into a 5 on 5 game and possibly risk an injury for using Ja too much.

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The Poole, Ja, Giannis, and Bam can likely be done in one rookie domination game. I have just been holding back until there is an assist agenda I can do as well or at least one where I need a number of players from the same team to win.

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I went from like 2 of these done to like 27 and I decided there isn’t a single card that was worth this time for me. I guess it’s not terrible in chunks but having to spam rookie dom games and tto is so boring especially when it’s not likely that any of these cards will be “must have”

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Why do you spam rookie dom games? You finished all superstar ones already?

I am going slowly through domination with those agendas and gonna get the HOF badges on the way. Solid deal imo.
Obviously you won’t score 120 points, go 20/20 from 3 and combine 5-6 challenges, but you can score 70, it’s a bit more challenging, rewarding and more enjoyable imo

Because its just guaranteed on rookie, I can usually finish the requirement in the first half. Trying to score 30 with cards you never used just for the purpose of xp on higher difficulty is annoying. Yes the challenge is less boring but nothing feels worse than falling one point or steal short because the CPU was sweating in a game you don’t even want to be playing to begin with

For me it’s not just guaranteeing the completion of an agenda but multiple within one game.

But it is a Faustian bargain because it’s doing an errand, not playing a game.

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I feel bad but at least mine was the cheapest that was up, when I put it up.

Maybe I don’t need to feel bad. Some people might actually need to buy a Giannis. But would be weird if someone was doing these Agendas but didn’t keep up with the free daily players.

Funny thing, at least on the PC AH, is that Bam cards are not at much of a premium at all. DR AM Bam cards available for around 2K.

There’s still price inflation on the cards necessary for the 1st Round.

Most of people have a Bam card from All star agendas

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