Playoff surprises

Who in the playoffs so far has been a surprise, who’s done better than you thought they would, who’s done worse, and who is your told you so guy, that you knew would preform like this, and others didn’t think so.

A positive surprise for me has been Pascal, Jokic, and pat bev/ all of the clippers

Negative surprises: Westbrook, giannis

Told u so guy: Kawhi

Not sure on that Giannis take bro?


I thought he would dominate the Celtics, like kawhi is doing to philly

They’re 1-1 and he did damage in second game, time will tell that story, yet.

Yeah he’s doing good, I just expected him to destroy

Jokic is obviously my “told you so” guy

Multiple people claiming he’s not a real superstar, his game won’t translate to the playoffs, he’ll be unplayable because he’ll be exposed on defense. He’s been a top 3 performer in the post season. And defensively he is #2 in drpm. Isn’t that wild


Everything going according to plan.

So far it’s been between Jokic kawhi Durant and Lillard

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For sure. All 4 of those guys have been exceptional

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Tatum. 9 points total in 2 games.


Giannis gashed us yesterday. Jayson Tatum has been ASS.

Honestly even as a Celtics fan I was surprised we swept the Pacers, they weren’t playing too bad.

whoever doesnt think hes a superstar, or atleast the closest thing to a superstar is stupid af on god

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Jokic is so underrated, it saddens me really


Except for the obvious ones, I’m actually surprised by Iggy.
He’s 35 and looked like he’s past it whole season long, but he’s been huge so far. Leads the playoffs in dunks.

Draymond has actually been very good. Throughout the season he was pretty meh at best, but he’s a +4.42 in PIPM (only behind Durant & Kawhi) and has a +2.54 in O-PIPM and a D-PIPM of +1.89

What surprised me in a good way :

The difference of level between Celtics against Pacers and Celtics against Bucks last Sunday. I was really impressed. Last night Giannis showed he won’t be beaten that easily but it’s still an impressive performance from them.

What surprised me in a bad way :

How the Spurs choked their last game

Spurs lost the series long before that.
Ofc everyone’s a bit mad about that last play, but this team wasn’t going far, anyway.
If Dejounte was healthy, that would a whole different story.
Can’t have Mills and Marco play any meaningful minutes against playoff teams. Especially not together.

It’s sad that players like Lillard have to hit a logo 3pt in Paul George’s face to end a playoff series in order to get some respect from fans and the media.

When it comes to Jokić it gets even worse… he could average 40pts/20reb/15ast/3blk, win 3 rings and would still not be considered a super star because he’s not athletic, has no mamba mentality, no commercials and doesn’t give a fuck about what we all think about him.

Apparently it’s more important what Zion eats for lunch :man_facepalming:t2:

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yeah the Lillard one phases me everyone use to say how hes not a star and how he wasnt a top 5 pg smh. I used to get laughed at for saying hes far more efficient then russ and now everyone wanna say how good he is and shit smh.