Playoff Rewards Cards?

I just started playing 2k22 and I’m trying to do the Playoffs Finals agendas, but need the Playoff Rewards cards (Wiggins, Looney, etc.). How do I get these cards or is it too late because a missed agendas or something?
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You can find all the requirements in the Lifetime Agendas.

edit: But you have to finish the previous agendas first, i believe, before you go to the Finals agenda (coz you need the reward players).

You have to start with the play-in round and finish each subsequent round (in order) to get Steph.

Ah, ok. So you get the Playoff Reward cards from the previous agendas? I didn’t see the card images as a reward from the previous playoff agendas.


Yeah, i don’t remember exactly coz it’s been a long time.

the first set you need to complete is the Play-In Tournament (you get DM Trae and a bunch of GOs)

then you have Playoffs Round 1, Playoffs Conference Semifinals, Playoff Conference Finals and ultimately Playoff Finals

go to for a list of all challenges

there are a lot of challenges you need to complete, but none of them is especially difficult (and you can do multiple challenges in a single game)

you can find the list of all awards at

in addition, you get Invincible Curry for completing the Playoff Finals

hope this helps!


may I add that (beside Inv Curry) the reward cards are not the best cards around, but they are not bad either and if you are just starting and are not planning buying VCs/MTs they are probably worth the effort

some like Brown and Butler are solid cards, and, while you are waiting for Curry, Smart and Poole (or even Dinwiddie) are decent PGs

the main issue with the set is the lack of good Cs/PFs (Horford is too small and Looney is meh, Bridges and Kuminga work better at SF)


thanks for the info. this definitely helps!

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Another thing to consider is that you’ll need to get a bunch of cards from the Playoff teams. I think you’ll need 13 different players for each of the teams that made the Semifinals. You’ll also need cards for random players before you can earn them as Playoff Reward.

But hopefully most of these random player cards no longer carry a premium, since it’s been quite a while since those challenges were first released.

I jumped into these today and none of the premium cards have been over 19k. I had already completed a bunch of the agendas for the Play-in through the Conference Finals and didn’t realize it. Essentially by accident while completing other agendas the past couple of weeks.

After completing the Play-in set, the reward just shows a red pack. Do you get to choose your reward or do they just give you a random Playoff Reward card?

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For each of the Agenda sets, I think you get multiple cards and you get them all in one pack.

Honestly, they’re a pain to open and get through all the animations.


It was very satisfying to auction off all of my auctionable Dallas Mavericks cards.

Hoping to sell all sellable Heat cards very soon.